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サー・オーランド / レディ・オーランド

The story begins with a young and charming nobleman named Orlando. Born as a male in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, undergoes a mysterious change of sex at the age of about 30, find that he is now a woman who neither ages nor dies and lives on for more than 300 years into modern times.


Witnessing the world from his very own perspective, as a man and woman, racing through centuries, fitting in different backgrounds and different stages of life. This is more than a feminist classic back in the 1920s. Like Tilda Swinton said, as Orlando in the 1992’s film adaption, it’s about boundarylessness, not just about gender, time, and ageing, but freedom in every sense. 

That's the DEMO FW23/24.

20230429_DEMO SS235207.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234864.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234868.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234572.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234576.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234984.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234673.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234979.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234682.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234923.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234904.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234763.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234769.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234630.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234627.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235166.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234599.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235095.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234551.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234583.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235108.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234548.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234932.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234943.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235274.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234553.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234851.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234559.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234844.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235230.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234665.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234571.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234671.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234569.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234607.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234780.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234749.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234800.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234640.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234611.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234775.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234758.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234792.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234660.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234715.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235021.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234900.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234686.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235028.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS234889.jpg
20230429_DEMO SS235267.jpg

秋冬 23/24
オーランド卿 / レディ・オーランド



カメラマン&カメラマンアートディレクション/エリック・リー     モデル/ Pavel S&マクシムB

メイクアップ&メイクアップ髪/ ウォルター・マー   撮影アシスタント/ ジョン・ヤン


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